28th Annual Texas Home School State Basketball Championships (THSSBC): 2019

Online Team Registration for the THSSBC 2019 will be open in October 2018 and close January 14, 2019.

February 7-9, 2019
Round Rock (north of Austin)

Although we got a lot of praise for the version of state tournament offered this past year in the Round Rock / Georgetown area, we always have room for improvement. We have reviewed comments for these from around the state. Thus, this year’s tournament will feature:
No late entries after the January 14 due date, which will facilitate us getting a final day 1 schedule to you earlier.
A revamped 3-point shooting competition schedule, to allow for easier access to everyone and no conflicts on the closing Saturday.
We hope to consolidate down from the use of four facilities, to make it easier for everyone to see all games within their program and preclude the use of one problematic court.
We will use a centralized text score reporting, so that all scores will be posted online by the end of play each day.
These are just a few of the improvements we are envisioning for this year to enhance an already very good product. We encourage you to put the state tournament on your calendar again this year!

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