David’s Story

David Perez has been our Referee Coordinator for THSSBC since we’ve been hosting in Central Texas.

Please donate in cash at the THSSBC Gates to help care for his medical needs. 

David was admitted to the hospital back on Aug 16, 2021 battling COVID. He stayed in the hospital for 56 days. We were delt many different curve balls in those 56 days, with David being put on a ventilator and given a 20% chance to live. While on the ventilator David suffered 7 strokes and lost all movement in his arms and legs….. 

With God’s healing and David’s strength, David overpowered those obstacles and pulled through. Since then, David has come off the ventilator and is now in a facility where he is getting the rehab he needs to be able to get stronger and learn how to walk and talk again. 

For many of you who know David, you knew how  active he was, always training and coaching kids in basketball of all ages and taking them to tournaments so that they could get the look they needed to play at the next level. 

He loved to referee all the time because he loved the game of basketball. He has always had the biggest heart and did whatever he could to help others. We are  hoping that we can get your help with the medical bills that are starting to pile up. Any donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated. 

If you cannot donate…just know that your continued prayers for David’s recovery will mean the most to us.

Thank you in advance for your support and your continued prayers.

MANY THANKS for the generous donations for David’s medical expenses!!! He is still in a Rehab hospital recovering from the strokes due to Covid. 

From David’s wife (Mishel Perez)

Thank u so much and again…thank u for doing what u did. It really meant a lot to us. They r the real MVP’s.