Catie’s Story

This is just one story of the student-athletes we serve. Catie is a very special girl and her father testifies how her team welcomed her with open arms.

Catie was diagnosed with Developmental Verbal Apraxia. This is a neurological breakdown that effects her processing, speech, and has caused several delays in her educational and physical development. Catie loves sports, however, she has struggled in her development to keep up with girls her own age. Finding new friends for her was a priority for our family. She even wants to go to tournaments even if she cannot play to support her team that she “made a commitment to.” The girls in her basketball program have been very accepting and embracing of Catie. One of her greatest desires is to have friends that welcome her and don’t “mother” her. The older girls took under their wings and helped her make it through those first practices. The team has also been very encouraging to Catie. Her cup is very full.