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2020 “Team Texas” Information & Registration

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(Closes Jan 15)

THSSBC State Basketball Tournament for Home Schoolers
February 6-8, 2020
Round Rock, TX

 We will place you on a team with other “unattached” home school basketball players!

It’s FUN….At the TEXAS State Basketball Tournament, you will:

Be a part of over 150 teams from all over Texas
Make new home-schooled friends
Play basketball with like-minded teammates
Watch some GREAT Texas Basketball
Have an awesome experience
Want to come back year after year

What is “Team Texas”?

The “Team Texas” concept at the Texas Home School State Basketball Championships in Frisco allows individual players to register for a team of other “unattached” players of similar age so as to participate in the tournament against the traditional Texas basketball programs. This program is equivalent to the “Team USA” program at Nationals.

I Don’t Play With Another Home School Team During the Season. Is This for Me?

Absolutely. This program is for athletes like you or basketball players that do play on a team together but don’t have enough players to participate as a team at State.

Do We Name Our Own Team?

No. We will provide a generic team name for each “Team Texas” team so that it will be identifiable as a “Team Texas” team. Names will be:  “Team Texas Blue”, “Team Texas Red”, “Team Texas Black”, etc.

What Are the Age Groups & Divisions of “Team Texas” Teams?

The age groups (divisions) are the same for all of the registered teams:  10U Boys, 10U Girls, 12U Boys, 12U Girls, 14U Boys, 14U Girls, 16U Boys, 16U Girls, 18U Boys, 18U Girls.

Are We Allowed to Play with Our Friends on a “Team Texas” Team?

Yes, if you want, as long as you are all in the same division. When you register individually, in the “Comments” section, indicate the names of your friends that you would like included on your team. Your friend(s) must, in turn, register individually and include the other requested player names. If your friend does not register online through the Team Texas registration form, then your friend is not eligible to participate on your team.

If We Have a Group of Friends, Can We Register as a Team?

No. If you want your team to be a “Team Texas” team, each one of you must register individually, and we will place each one of you on a team together and add other players to your team as well.

Attention: If you want to be an exclusive team (no players added), then you need to register as a team through regular THSSBC TEAM REGISTRATION. In that case, you can name your own team, and the team fee is $350.

Are We Allowed to Have Combined Boys & Girls on Our “Team Texas”?

No. There are no co-ed teams at the State championships.

How Many Players Will Be on One “Team Texas”?

We will try to place no more than 8 players on one team so that all players will get ample playing time. It is possible that a team may have as few as 7 players or as many as 9 players.

How Much Does It Cost To Be on a “Team Texas”?

Each player must pay $60. That fee includes a reversible game jersey (with number), which the player keeps and takes home, and a guarantee of at least 4 games. It also includes a 30-minute practice and organizational meeting with your coach and team before your first game on Thursday. There is no team fee for Team Texas—only individual player fees.

What If There Aren’t Enough Players Signed Up in My Particular Age/Gender Division?

The player may have the option to play in an older age division (if available), or you will receive a full refund if you already paid.

Are Awards Given to “Team Texas” Players?

Yes. Each team will be awarded at least one All-Tournament selection and one Christian Character selection. Team awards will be given based upon the final results of the tournament, for example, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place. Not every player goes away with an award, but “Team Texas” players have the same opportunity as all other teams in the tournament.

Who Will Coach My “Team Texas”?

A volunteer Mom, Dad, or older sibling can be assigned as a “Team Texas” coach. The coach must be at least 21 years old, level-headed, have a good knowledge of basketball, and should have the best interests of the kids at heart. If you would like to request a head coach, please place that information in the “Comments” section on the online registration. A Parent or Older Sibling (at least 21) of the registered player can also volunteer as a head coach for the team.

Can I Be on a “Team Texas” If I Am Playing On Another Program Team?

It depends. If, for example, you are playing for a 14U program team, but you are eligible for 12U, then you can register for a “Team Texas” team as an individual within 12U. Under no circumstances can a player play on two teams in the same division.

Where Do I Mail My Payment of $60?

You must register online first. The deadline to pay is January 31, 2020. Write a check made out to FEAST and mail to:

7735 Mockingbird Lane
San Antonio, TX 78229
Attn: State Tournament TEAM Texas

If I Have Any Questions or Concerns, Whom Do I Contact?

Please contact the Tournament Director at TBD.