3-Pt Shooting Contest – Registration and Rules

Congratulations to the WINNERS!!!
Anna Channell—Elementary Girls
12U Girls THESA Riders
Miles Jackson—Elementary Boys
12U Boys DasCHE Spartans
Bella Edwards—Middle School Girls 
14U Girls Lubbock Titans
Timothy Jones—Middle School Boys 
 14U Boys-D1 PT Warriors
Madison Hurta—High School Girls
18U Girls San Marcos Panthers
Josh Flores—High School Boys 
16U Boys San Marcos Panthers



Elementary Girls:

Elementary Girls Finals (10/12U) @ 3:00 pm on RRSC #5

Anna Channell, 12U Girls THESA Riders-5

Marilla Smith, 12U Girls Austin Royals-4 

Dory Georges, 12U Girls HCA-4

Elementary Boys:

Elementary Boys Finals (10U/12U) @ 1:50 pm on RRSC #4

Jansen Phillips, 12U Boys THESA Riders-8

Doyle Banks, 12U Boys San Marcos Panthers-7

Miles Jackson, 12U Boys DasCHE Spartans-7 

Middle School Girls:

Middle School Girls Finals (14U) @ 4:10 pm on RRSC #6

Bella Edwards, 14U Girls Lubbock Titans-12

Caroline Huffman, 14U Girls THESA Riders-6

Ella Hehn, 14U Girls Abilene Hawks-4 

Middle School Boys:

Middle School Boys Finals (14U) @ 12:40 pm on RRSC #2

Corban Tyler, 14U Boys D1 Red River Rattlers-9

Timothy Jones, 14U Boys D1 PT Warriors-8 

David Friedlien, 14U Boys D2 THESA Riders-8

High School Girls:

High School Girls Finals (18U/16U) @ 5:20 pm on RRSC #3 

Abby Ordonez, 18U Girls Central Texas Saints-9

Val Edson, 16U Girls Round Rock Raiders-9

Madison Hurta, 18U Girls San Marcos Panthers-8

High School Boys:

High School Boys Finals (18U/16U) @ 4:10 pm on RRSC #3

Josh Flores, 16U Boys San Marcos Panthers-10

Jacob Prichard, 16U Boys Austin Royals-10

Owen Hoang, 18U Boys D2 HCA-9

Prizes will be awarded:

Kyle Kuzma Jersey—Elementary Girls Champion-10U/12U

Spud Webb Jersey—Elementary Boys Champion-10U/12U

Maurice Cheeks Basketball-Middle School Girls Champion-14U

Magic Johnson Basketball-Middle School Boys Champion-14U

Shaq Jersey—High School Girls Champion-16U/18U 

Giannis Jersey—High School Boys Champion-16U/18U

PRIZES are a special pre-appointed gifts for each age-bracket from our sponsor (Please see below). If players wish to trade with other winners they may do so if both parties agree. 

During the Contest:

All shooters must have at least two rebounders and a passer (3 total)

All players will shoot sets of 5 balls at each spot

(Spots include: top of the key and both corners)

Player has 60 seconds to attempt shots

 A possible total of 15 shots may be made

(No shots may be made after 60 seconds)

Added rounds can be run to eliminate any ties (In preliminaries- tiebreakers only if there are more than 3 top shooters)

Important: All final decisions concerning the 3-pt contest will be made by Tournament Director Scott Lane (210) 861-0454

3-PT Contest Coordinator

Adam McArthur

(602) 748-5235

Appointed Prizes:
Giannis Jersey-HS boys
Shaq Jersey-HS girls
Magic Johnson Basketball-MS boys
Maurice Cheeks Basketball-MS girls
Spud Webb Jersey-Elem boys
Kyle Kuzma Jersey-Elem girls
If kids want to trade they can if both parties agree.


Many thanks to our sponsor for providing these very special prizes for the 3-PT Contest!