About Us

Who are we?
THSSBC is an independent group of homegrown home educated student-athletes who compete on Jesus-loving, Texas-friendly, and Texas-tough basketball teams.
How did this tournament begin?
Many moons ago, in 1990 some Texas homeschool pioneers, namely Houston HCYA (Mike Decker) and San Antonio FEAST, decided to partner up to create an event in Houston for a handful of homeschool basketball teams that wanted to compete against each other. The tournament gained traction when it moved to San Antonio in 1991 and began drawing teams from all over the state, including West Texas and North Texas.
In 2008, Dallas HSAA talked to FEAST and HCYA. The two gave their blessing and HSAA received permission to bring the tournament to North Dallas. That year there were 65 teams that competed. Since then, growth has been phenomenal! The number of teams almost tripled with 189 teams competing during the 2015 tournament.
In 2017, after 10 years of hosting the tournament, HSAA handed the reins over to San Antonio FEAST and the Austin Royals, who jointly managed the tournament for the next three years in Central Texas at two gyms in Round Rock and Leander.
In 2020, the Austin Royals considered it a great honor and privilege to continue hosting this great 30-year tradition of Texas homeschool basketball teams competing for State with the help of THSSBC Chairman and Tournament Director Scott Lane. Cedar Park, Texas became our official host city in 2021 because of all of their hotel accommodations, eateries, and shopping in between the gyms.
We continue to maintaIn our tradition in our Prayer Circle where we meet with our opponents at center court before tip-off in Christian unity for the reading of the Scriptures and join in a prayer of thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then, with respect to our opponents and honor to Christ we all play it out on the courts, all to God’s glory!
Soli Deo Gloria

Who serves to keep the THSSBC going?
THSSBC Governing Committee

Scott Lane, San Antonio FEAST Patriots (Chairman)

Abilene Hawks, Chris Ohlemacher
Austin Royals, Debbie Snow
Cleburne-Heritage Falcons, John Buren
Fort Bend Eagles, David Leach
Fort Worth-THESA Riders, Brent Dobbins
Houston HCYA Warriors, Mike Decker
Lubbock Titans, Marty Middleton
San Marcos Panthers, Darren Banks