THSSBC Code of Conduct



Enjoy encouraging and cheering on your teams! Enjoy fellowship with other likeminded homeschool families from across the state of Texas!

All participants and spectators should act in a godly manner during all THSSBC events. In as far as it is up to you, be at peace with all people at all times. Meet, greet, be friendly.

Coaches and parents should especially work to  guide players to use respectful behavior on and off of the court. No trash talk, no cussing, no grabbing uniforms, no pinching, no slapping, no punching, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct. Let your desire to play competitively be in playing more athletically. Play your heart out but play clean.

Do not yell disrespectfully or rudely at referees, coaches, players, or fans. Consider others at all times as being more important than yourself.

If you are asked to leave because of inappropriate behavior you must agree to comply and you will be escorted from the facility. Do not return once you are asked to leave.


It is appropriate for all players on both teams to drop to one knee and to pray for an injured player if there is an injury during a game until you see the player is okay or is removed from the court safely.

If a player fouls out, the player should respectfully shake the hand of your opponent’s head coach and thank them for a good game.

Line up to shake hands or respectfully high five opponents after each game.

Please thank the referees for their services after each game.

Do not allow your fans to go onto the first floor at RRSC. 

Score Clock Guidelines:

Team Division/Game Length:

18U Boys & Girls  8-minute quarters

16U (JV)  Boys & Girls  7-minute quarters

14U/12U Boys & Girls  6-minute quarters

Pre-game Warm-ups — no less than 5 minutes

Halftime Break – 3 minutes

Timeouts – (2) Full; (2) 30-second 
Fouls – 1:1 at 7 fouls, 2 shots at 10 fouls

Mercy rule: Running clock in 4th quarter with 20 point lead; normal clock resumes once lead is 15 points;Coaches may agree to running clock prior to 4th quarter. NO running clock in Championship games.

Special notes: Championship games: (3) Full, (2) 30-second)Overtime – 2 minutes & 1 additional 30-second; Additional OT are 1 minute and no more timeouts.